Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nate's Very Big Day!

Nate had his First Holy Communion today! Though we wish we could have oodles of family trek out here to Illinois for these important family days, it was still nice with just the five of us. Our church is so small that there were only five kids having their First Holy Communion today, so the kids did a lot during the mass.
They read the readings.

Then Fr. Ray called them up for the homily. They each explained the banner they had made for the day. Here's Nate's. He had a picture of the cross, and the host, and the chalice on his banner. He called the chalice, "the Holy Grail," which made the church laugh. Nate loves his King Arthur stories!

The five kids also brought up the gifts for the Offertory.
Then they sang the reflection song after Communion. Very sweet!

Finally they process out with Fr. Ray.And here's our choir rocking the house. :)

And then, cake in the parish hall!
A great and good day. We love you, Nate!