Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback: Our (2008!) trip West in numbers

A year ago this week we got back from our car trip out West. I found a paper in a notebook today of numbers from the trip that I meant to post on the blog, and never got around to. So, in memory of a wonderful adventure last year, I give you our 2008 trip in numbers:

5123 - Car miles we traveled.
1030 - dollars we spent on gas. Gas was $4/gal. last summer!
3.5 - number of times we had to vacuum the car to get all the gunk of the long trip out.
100 - m.p.h. - the fastest we went. But it was an accident! Coming down a long hill in the middle of nowhere with no one around. Fortunately we didn't get a ticket. And no, I won't tell you who was driving. :)
1 - number of bears we saw in the wild.
36 - number of bears we saw at Bear Country U.S.A. in South Dakota.
1 - Biggest living thing in the world seen by us. It's the General Sherman tree at Sequoia National Park.
3 - number of wildfires we came too close to comfort to (yes, I know; awkward sentence!)

Anyway, there it is! A wonderful experience for all of us; one we'll never forget.

Our Georgia trip!

We've been on the road so much this summer that I've neglected our blog. But here are some fun pictures of our time in Georgia visiting Mark's wonderful family.

We all went tubing up in the north Georgia mountains one day. Here are Jessica and Rocky above, and Nate and Bethany below.

We got to see Mark's Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathy. They live in Florida, but drove up to Georgia to see us.

Annie and Bethany challenged a gleeful Grandpa Don to a card game. The girls suspected their grandpa was cheating, though!
Zachary, Nate and Brennan show off their hats.

I'll post our Connecicut, PA and D.C. pics soon!