Sunday, September 5, 2010

The dog ate our blog!

Not really, but since Chewie's arrival began five months of radio silence in the blog, I thought I could conveniently blame her. (Chewie did, by the way, chew up the corner of a student's paper I was grading last spring. I was embarrassed when I returned the papers, but I did note the irony of a teacher saying to a student: "My dog ate your homework.") Above, Nate and Chewie play tug of war, their favorite game.

The Renaissance Faire, 2010

We had a good, but busy summer, and it feels enormously intimidating to try to recap it in one post (which is probably why I haven't done one in a while!) So maybe I'll just start at the end, with the Renaissance Faire, which we attended a couple of weeks ago. We go every year, and since we're massive history geeks, we dress up! This year Annie and I were country lasses, Mark was a peasant, Nate was a jester, and Brennan was an assassin. (that's why you can barely see his face in the family pic above...he was being mysterious and covert. Or something like that.)

Doesn't Annie look all cute and grown up? We were afraid that guys would start flirting with her. Mark suggested carrying a pike to ward them off.

Nate and a much larger jester do some jester bonding in the pic above. Nate should have taken lessons on how to be a more playful jester, though. He had about five people ask to take his picture, which was fine, but whenever one of the costumed Ren Faire participants called out, "Prithee, jester, tell us a joke!" Nate would just say, "No!" We teased him about being a grouchy jester.

This past weekend we went to my nephew Greg's wedding, in Steubenville, Ohio. Here's Greg saying his vows with his beautiful bride, Ali.

Such a fun family reunion for my side of the family, and since our family weddings are big on dancing, we all had a ball. My camera battery died before I got any pictures of us dancing, but below is a pic of the kids at our table at the reception. Brennan has been practicing his Calvin and Hobbes face and (unfortunately) has gotten pretty darn good at it.

Annie took lots of video of the dancing, but needs encouragement to post it. C'mon Annie, don't be shy!!

I will try my best to get some more summer pics up in a week or so.