Thursday, June 11, 2009

The beach!

We had a fabulous time at Topsail Island last week! Gosh, I love that place. One of us needs to win the lottery and buy a house on the beach there for all of us to descend upon every summer.

Annie's loving it.

So is Brennan.

And Nate!

The Schultz kids and Anthony kids had fun doing some improv games. Here they all are in crazy improv poses, waiting for Scott's interesting "interpretations."

Below is one of Scott's impressive sand castles:

The guys react to the waves threatening the castle.

Nate, John Paul, Annie and Mary Kate prepare to get wiped out by a wave.

Mark and Cathy mellowing out.

All nine kids report for duty to start the Friday night cleanup the night before we (sob!) have to leave.

What a great week! Anyone want to share great Topsail memories in the comments?