Monday, November 8, 2010

Annie at the pub!

I guess that title needs a bit of explaining. Annie has been learning Irish fiddling from Anne Hatfield, who is an amazing fiddler who tours with Lord of the Dance. Anne is from Joliet and plays Irish music with a group of musicians every Monday night at a local Irish pub. Anne invited Annie to join the group this week. So, here's our Annie (in the checkered bandana below) playing at the pub, next to Anne! (And by the way, if you click on the four little arrows on the bottom right of the video, it will make it full screen)

Here's one more song, called Orange Blossom. Forgive my shaky camera work at the start. (It will stop shaking around 25 seconds in.) And stick around to watch the last two minutes of the song, where the group plays faster, and faster and FASTER!