Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meet Chewbacca Burke Schultz!

Nate has a new puppy! Chewy (short for Chewbacca) is a West Highland White terrier puppy and we brought her home yesterday. Mark and I started the day yesterday with absolutely no intention of buying a puppy. But one of our errands took us near the local pet shop, and turns out they had an adorable Westie (my all-time favorite dog) half price, and we started playing with her and, well, our hearts melted. In our defense, it WAS something we've been talking about for a few weeks. Nate's 9th birthday is coming up, and the number one item on his wish list is a dog (something he's begged for since he was about four) We've always told him he couldn't get one for all the usual reasons -- house too small, yard too small, too much work, etc. But Nate has proven himself worthy of a pet this year. Last June he bought a hermit crab when we were at the beach. The crab does nothing cuddly or affectionate. In fact, half the time I'm convinced he's dead, until he pokes one leg out of his shell and waves it around for five seconds. But despite getting nothing in return, Nate has loved his hermit crab, Jeff. He feeds and waters him, talks to him, takes him out for "exercise," even built a maze for him. We figure if he's that good to a hermit crab, he deserved to get his puppy. He is, as you can imagine, one ecstatic almost-nine-year-old boy right now.

We've commenced training already, and we'll have more on the adventures of Nate and Chewy later! Here's video of bringing him home yesterday. Nate had NO idea he was about to get a puppy. His smile around 2:00 minutes is priceless.