Friday, March 13, 2009

Annie here

Hey Annie here!
Oh wow, I"m happy. Okay., so most of you people know that I have a Flip camcorder, right? My Mom reminded me that we have Windows Movie Maker on the laptap, so I began experimenting with changing speeds and stuff. Watch this! It's called 'Nate gets Wazoozeled.' If you don't know what wazoozled means, just watch the video! (By the way, my Mom wants me to say that Nate was not getting hurt or punished! He wanted Dad to bounce him that way, and it just kind of got sillier and sillier! )

Lol! We were totally just playing around at the hotel and we had so much fun!!! I think it was last summer...

Ooh! This next one takes a while, but you only have to see it if you want to.

This is how it turned out:

Is it okay?

Thanks for ACTUALLY READING through my post without falling asleep...

Ciao ! ~Annie


Mary Kate said...

That video with Nate and Brennen and Uncle mark was so funny! And you did Dragonclaws really well! I can't wait until the beach!
Love, MK

The Schultz Family said...


You really work hard on your MS Paint drawings and you do a wonderful job with them. You're very creative! I love you,

Your Mom