Thursday, June 11, 2009

The beach!

We had a fabulous time at Topsail Island last week! Gosh, I love that place. One of us needs to win the lottery and buy a house on the beach there for all of us to descend upon every summer.

Annie's loving it.

So is Brennan.

And Nate!

The Schultz kids and Anthony kids had fun doing some improv games. Here they all are in crazy improv poses, waiting for Scott's interesting "interpretations."

Below is one of Scott's impressive sand castles:

The guys react to the waves threatening the castle.

Nate, John Paul, Annie and Mary Kate prepare to get wiped out by a wave.

Mark and Cathy mellowing out.

All nine kids report for duty to start the Friday night cleanup the night before we (sob!) have to leave.

What a great week! Anyone want to share great Topsail memories in the comments?


Mary Kate said...

It was such a fun week! I totally agree, someone needs to win the lottery and buy a house down there!

Catherine Berg said...

What great pictures! It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip! Topsail is amazing. I loved our vacations down there, just enjoying time together. I have such fond memories of playing outside all day long, and then enjoying delicious dinners together in the evenings. I also remember Uncle Mark taking me really far out in the water on his shoulders. A couple times we were pushed by such gigantic waves, it was a little frightening. I also remember the year Annie was a about 15 months, and you found out you were expecting Brennan. We were all so excited!!1
By the way, Cath we will be around the weekend/ week of July 10/13?!!
Hope to talk toyou soon!

Love you,

teresa anthony said...

Great pictures. Love the captions except for the "Mark and Cathy mellowing out" one. Yeah, right.
My memory is that right smack in the middle of dinner Cathy looked up and decided that the light was perfect for a photo shoot. So off the three of us went, leaving Scott in charge of 9 kids and one grandmother, while Cathy debated on which side the wind blew her hair perfectly. I'm not sure that meets the definition of "mellow". :) (I'm just teasing you)

The week was indeed awesome, and I for one am rooting for a lottery winner in the family!!

The Schultz Family said...

Cath - I remember that vacation well! You were about 11 I think. I didn't realize Mark had scared you!

Teresa's story is an exaggeration, as usual! It was Mark's last night before he had to go to a conference and he and I hadn't taken any pictures at the beach yet, and the light was fading, so I figured it was now or never. And the wind kept blowing across and covering my face, which was annoying. And we were on the deck outside the dining room, so only ten feet away for Scott, Grammy, and the kids. Silly Teresa! But yes, she's right that it was a mistake to call it "mellowing out!"

Anonymous said...

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