Sunday, February 21, 2010



HIIIIII!!!! Heh heh! I MISSED U!!! Bet U didn't miss my huge annoying caps letters though...*burst into rambunctious laughter* HA HA HA HA HA HA *snort* HA HA ha....

Alright, I creeped you poor viewers out good enough; it's time for The Ramblers News *news news* That was an echo, if you didn't know. =)

ALRIGHT So, we've got some pictures here that my Mom would probably like to show you later in her own post. But she's not on here right now... And neither is any one else...
.....Because I am the only one who remembered this poor, abused little blog of ours... ='( But we shall nurse it back to health and keep you fellows updated, 'kay? YAY!

WOW, Lotsa days have passed by since that last post. Christmas??!! That was last Christmas!?!?! OH NOEZ!! Oh well. There isn't very much that HAS happened since then... We're an odd family. No big events, but lots of craziness on the inside... -_-' .

We're all enjoying our Christmas Wii. Mom is in love with this one Wii game called TANKS. You're supposed to be a little tank, controlled by a WII stick and you go around and battle other tanks. It's a two player game, so we keep challenging each other. So far, the best tank fighters are from Mom, to Dad, to Nate and Brennan. (We don't know which of the brothers is better.) I like to play too. We do a lot of shrieking and screaming (in fun, not madness!) when we play.

Brennan and Nate are beginning to learn how to type with all fingers instead of one. I already learned how to, and I had became faster then Mom!! I don't know about Dad though. He and I compete sometimes but something always messes up... Or at least that's what we use as excuses when we lose... Heh heh...

Hmm... Interesting topic... Interesting topic... *racks mind* We have been through tons of "movie nights" this past month. We have watched most of the Star Wars movies, and are now currently running through the Lord of the Rings with much enthusiasm. We have decided to dress up as if we were in the movie every movie night, so we're having fun doing that. The boys and Mom were hobbits. Dad was Aragorn. =) I didn't dress up because I had been sick and was wearing my robe. But since it was Lord of the Rings, I could get away with saying that I was a little elf in my red robe. You can get away with silly clothes like that because it resembles a lot of other clothing styles in the film. We had to persuade Nate not to run around in his underwear and act like Gollum while we were watching. That had been pretty funny. =)

Well, not much else to tell you all . But I hope you enjoyed it!! =)

Have a very nice day!!! OR ELSE!!

~Annie the Weirdo


Lorrie and Fred said...

Dear Annie, Loved your post, especially the part about dressing in costumes for the movie nights! I want to come! Love, Aunt Lorrie

Mary Kate said...

Dressing in costumes for movie night is such a fun idea! We should do that sometime. *Hint, hint mom....*
On second thought that might just result in our dress up containers being dumped upside down in the basement floor so.....
Anyway, a great post! I love reading all about the craziness of the Schultz life!
Luv ya,
Mary Kate

Green family said...

You're right. You are crazy!