Friday, September 5, 2008

Brennan's First Brush With The Law

Hi all,

Mark here. Brennan and flew to Georgia to see the University of Georgia Bulldawgs play the mighty whatever they are's from the University of Central Michigan. It was Brennan's first flight, and first football game (as well as my first UGA game in about 14 years.) I grew up a mile from the university stadium and bleed red and black. It is the only team I follow in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health...

Brennan was chirpy with excitement about the airport experience, and I was explaining it as we went: confirming tickets, navigating the airport, doing the automatic ritual strip for security. When we were waiting for our suitcases to pass through the x-ray machine to us, I noticed the machine operator was giving some guy's bags a serious examination, moving the conveyer belt back and forth. Then he took out Brennan's bag and repositioned it on the belt for a look from another angle. Finally, he sent the bag through, walked over, and asked with an "I-mean-buisiness" face "whose bag is this?" "His." (I boldly pointed at my nine-year-old.) "Do you know what's in this bag?" he asked. "No," I said, and reached for the zipper to open it. He snapped at me not to touch the bag, and gingerly zipped it open, stone-faced. Then, he reached in, picked up Brennan's light saber, held it up for another security guy to see, and burst out laughing. I never before that moment noticed how very much it looks like a pipe bomb! With bateries and a retracted telescoping blade, bumps and dials and odd buttons all over it. Whew! I had no idea Brennan had packed it. I think I'll check his bags from now on.



teresa anthony said...

That's hysterical! I love it! The best part was picturing you Mark, boldly laying the blame on your nine year old.

Who knew that battling the dark side of the force could put you in jeopardy of being caught by the Emperor's minions while on an innocent scouting mission to see some Bulldogs?

Hey, Mark and Brennon, did you see the picture of John Paul's birthday cake? It's posted on Mary Kate's blog. Check it out. In light of your recent harrowing experience, I think you'll like it.

our little brown life said...

I echo Teresa's comment- hysterical! So glad to keep up with you Schultz's. I'll always be good times and in bad, in sickness and in health...
God Brennan,

our little brown life said...

Typo- I meant to say "Go Brennan!", NOT "God, Brennan..."

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it! And, yes, picturing Mark pointing the finger at Brennan is a great image!
I love the new cat too! Curious to hear which name is going to win out...
Good luck with school all of you!!!

Tarynn said...

Funny story! I love reading these blogs!!! :)