Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Teresa!

Here's a birthday shout out to my beautiful sister Teresa, who turns 28 today! (Oh, wait, she turns 36 today? How the heck did that happen?! She's still just a kid to me!)

I love you bunches Teresa, and I know your happy, exuberant clan will give you a fabulous birthday. We wish we could be there to share it with you!

P.S. We loved John Paul's Star Wars cakes. Too cool! As is clear from Mark's post about Brennan's brush with airport security, we are huge Star Wars fans in the Schultz household.


Anonymous said...

hey, what are you saying? 36 IS still just a kid, right?? RIGHT???

Lorrie and Fred said...

It is shocking to realize that Teresa is in her mid thirties!!! Where does the time go? She is a treasure to us all. Love,big sis Grandmom Lorrie

Catherine Berg said...

Hi Cathy,
WE miss you! How is school going for everyone? Is is starting to get a little chilly in Chi -Town?
It is getting a little cool up here!!!
Teresa, we love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family!!!
Love to all,
Cath and fam

teresa anthony said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out, Cathy. And thank you Jaye, Lorrie and Catherine, and to all my wonderful, lovely siblings who left me messages on my birthday.

We've been really busy this week, but my hubbie and children all surrounded me with lots of lots of love.

Dad said today, "36, what a great age!" And it is a great age - I'm loving life right now.

Thanks and I love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Annie
I went through ya'lls updated blog and just had to comment on those wonderful cat photos you posted! I especially liked cat with paw on another cat's nose with "Talk to the paw!", photo of cats and a little chitzu with "I think there is a spy among us!", and the cat popping up from a box of cereal with "Oh, you're up early?"...cat hair city!! Thanks for sharing these adorable, funny photos!
And we will be sure to check out "Dewey"; sounds like a book for both Bethany and Zachary. An arthor Zachary is enjoying is Kenneth Oppell, if you and your brothers are ever looking for another good writer.
Love to you and all,
Aunt Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cathy!
I'm so glad you've updated the family blog. Loved looking through photos and write-ups. The photos of the kids under the Christmas tree is so cute, as was the kids dressed up as elves for the theater production. I had no doubt they would make natural stage actors, given their creative, dramatic, confidence natures!
Love, Jessica