Saturday, November 21, 2009


We love Halloween at our house, maybe because my kids love costumes of all kinds (see Midsummer Nights Dream pics, below, and Rennaissance Faire pic above. :) Here's our 2009 Halloween get-ups. Nate, who's a huge Star Wars fan went as "Commander Cody." (I had to ask him just now who the character was, b/c I couldn't remember. For any Star Wars purists out there, Commander Cody isn't a character from any of the six movies, but from the spin-off animated film and TV series, "Clone Wars.")
Brennan, our history buff, went as Al Capone. He got the idea when his GrandmaLu got him a cool fedora over the summer. He carried a pillowcase for his candy and said in a Chicago gangster drawl, "Awright...put da candy in da bag, pleez!" At least he did it for a while, he said. But then people started looking at him strangely, so he stopped.

And our tween, Annie. She's at the age where she still loves trick or treating but is too cool for a store-bought costume. So she uses her creativity. Brennan helped her with this one, mimicking a computer upload signal (Costume Loading. Please wait....) . Clever, huh? :)

Trick or treating starts at 4:00 here in Joliet, which I've always thought odd since where we grew up it was always at night. But, still, it's probably safer. My kids this year asked me not to accompany them, since they're pretty familiar with our neighborhood. They roamed around for a couple of hours on their own and had a marvellous time. They're growing up!

The candy haul. Can anyone say, 'Sugar high?'

Finally here's some of our jack'o'lanterns we carved. We always do one for each member of the family.


teresa anthony said...

Fun pictures. All three of them are very original.

.. could Nate see?? :)

Thanks for sharing,

Love, Teresa

Catherine Berg said...

Cute pictures of Halloween! Great costumes. I can't get over how grown up everyone is getting. we love you guys!

Lorrie and Fred said...

Love the costumes, although trick or treating in the daylight is a new one for me too!