Friday, January 1, 2010


OI! Annie 'ere!

Well, nothing real is going on... But I decided to sneak on here and give a few details.

ALRIGHT! So um... This Christmas was pretty awesome. Mom'll probably give more updates on that later. One present worth mentioning was... A WII!! 'Santa' brought it for us all! Though Mom enjoys it the most though! She keeps daring us to challenges, but we beat her every time! Kids always win at video games. It's a kid thing. Only kids would understand. =)

Hey, so I'm getting better at animation and paint! Wanna see some pieces of me work? =D

I'm going to add music soon. This is what it'll be, so listen to this while watch!

And here R some Pics that took an irritatingly long time!! *pants with fury* Eh... U didn't see dat.


Mary Kate said...

Those are cool pics Annie! You're really good at animation! Keep it up!
I can't wait to see you guys again!
Love ya!
Love, Mary Kate

teresa anthony said...

Wow, Annie. Mary Kate explained to me that you did a lot of this on the windows Paint - that's amazing. I don't know how to do anything but put up polka dots and stripes. That's probably a kid vs. adult thing, too. :) But seriously, these are really good animations, and a cute little movie.

Love you,

Aunt Teresa

Lorrie and Fred said...

Well done Annie! It's fun to see the results of your creativity! Love, Aunt Lorrie