Friday, August 1, 2008

Annie's Thoughts

Hey, where did all those "Annie's Thoughts" go to? There was only Mom and Dad's (Cathy and Mark) posts around for a while. The reason is that We always got to the hotel late, and so I had to go to sleep because it was too late. *Sighs wearily*
Oh well. Enough of that. We reached Devils tower today! It was pretty fun.

Here's a pic thats kind of cute.

We found a few prairie dogs. Aren't they cute?

Here's Devils Tower! Cool huh?

My toe started bleeding after I hit it. I used that excuse to go back to the car. I was really tired!
*stars at pic* I have no idea how that picture got in there. *covers it up*

Devils tower was fun for all of us. We loved it and the sights were great.

Too bad we didn't run into any other animals.




teresa anthony said...

Devil's Tower, now I'm REALLY jealous. I've wanted to see Devil's Tower since I watched a very strange movie on TV way back when I was 10 or so, (which was probably too young, because it was probably inappropriate for my age), - it was called "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

I don't actually remember anything about the movie, except Devil's Tower. It was where the aliens were coming to earth, and they started calling certain earthlings to meet them. The main guy in the movie had never seen Devil's Tower (the aliens meeting place), and he didn't know the aliens were calling him, but for some mysterious reason he kept turning the mashed potatoes on his plate that his wife made for dinner, into little replicas of Devil's Tower.

... and I've wanted to see it in person ever since.

Whoa, you guys are really lucky.

Now Annie, go home, and every time your mom or dad serve you mashed potatoes, turn them into a miniature Devil's Tower, and imagine that the aliens are landing there. (Oops, your parent's won't read that, will they?)

Love, Aunt Teresa

Anonymous said...

I visited Yellowstone on August 18th. and 19th., and the fires were still raging. In fact I have pictures almost identical to yours except the red flames and smoke were more vivid that day. We actually saw a helicopter, with a bucket attached via a rope, scoop water from the river next to the road.