Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More of Brennan's Favorite Vacation Things

(Cathy: I'm asking each family member to talk about their favorite memories of the trip. This is the second of Brennan's posts.)

Brennan: At the beach at Carmel -by-the-sea , we got pelted by the waves. The water was cold!
Hey, squirrel, Stop stealing my food, or you'll get the beating of a lifetime!
We found a sea monster at Carmel! Why wasn't anyone scared?

I also discovered a new beach. I called it Schultz Cove. (Well, the whole family helped discover it, actually.)
We're running away from a grizzly bear here. For some reason Mom and Dad weren't too worried about us.
We're trying to imitate the faces on Mt. Rushmore. Did it work?
I'm glad we didn't see this guy in the wild!
(Ed. note: this grizzly was at Bear County USA, a wild life safari in South Dakota.) I loved this badger at Bear Country.
These kittens were one of my very favorite things on the trip. This was Tiny, who I named. (ed. note: This is at the Laura Ingalls Homestead Site in South Dakota.)


teresa anthony said...

Ooh, the Pacific Ocean looks fabulous Brennan, but like you said, very cold (from what I've heard).

The squirrels are funny, but WHAT are you guys holding at the beach that you called a sea monster. Mary Kate and I clicked on the picture to make it bigger, and even then we couldn't tell what it was. Was it actually some sea creature, or some big piece of sea weed, or some man-made object? Let us know, we are VERY curious!

Love all the rest of the pictures, and well, in answer to your question, I don't think any of you should quit your day jobs to pose as Mt. Rushmore look-alikes just yet. Maybe you all can work on that stone faced look a little more. :) But you're all very cute!

Love, Aunt Teresa

The Schultz Family said...

Note from Cathy: it's sea kelp! Er, at least I think so.


Mary Kate said...

Thanks so much for telling us what was your favorite parts! I wish I could have come with you! Those squirrels are very funny, did they come and steal your food too? And that sea kelp sure looks like a sea monster!
I miss you all,
Love, Mary Kate

Lorrie and Fred said...

Dear Brennan, Your captions for the pictures are amusing! Keep that humor coming with more posts on the blog during the school year!