Monday, August 18, 2008

Prithee, let us hie to the faire!

Good morrow, gentle folk. Hast thou ever graced a Renaissance faire with thy presence? If thy answer is nay, we beg thee all most strenuously to get thee hence. Thou shalt have a ball!

We took an Olympics break Saturday to head a bit north of Chicago to a Renaissance fair held there annually on summer weekends. I've heard about it from people over the years, but somehow Mark and I never made it before (BAD historians we are; bad historians!)

It was so much fun! Nate actually called it "the best day of his life." We saw jousting! We saw Queen Elizabeth! (the First, that is.) We saw people in medieval clothing! (everyone who works there -- and many, many of those attending -- dress up in Renaissance clothing)

Probably the most fun for the kids was being able to practice some Renaissance skills. They got to do some archery, some knife throwing (rest assured; it wasn't at each other) some candle making, and some fencing. Here are some pictures from the day.

Fencing lessons.

The match! We won't tell you who won between Brennan (on the R) and Nate.
Her Grace, the Queen. Mark and I embarrassed our kids by yelling out with gusto, "Huzzah!" and "God Save the Queen!" Hey, the Queen approved!

Riding an elephant (Not to quibble, but WERE there elephants in Renaissance England? Hmm..)

Mark got pulled into one of the shows. We have video if anyone is interested in blackmail.

It's a joust!

Nate tries on some armored gloves and gets ready to rumble.

Brennan peers out from his helmet. At least, I THINK this is Brennan. It might be some random kid we snapped by mistake.

Befriending a Viking.
Who be these merry folk?

Annie is recruited to help out a shopkeeper.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pretty cat!
Grandma Lu

Anonymous said...

We rediscovered the family blog today. Mark got it up for us when he and Brennan were down in Athens this weekend. What a treat the visit was for us all!
So now we are feasting on all the updates.It is fun to see all the pictures of the trip that are Marks pick and read the comments.
We have sure enjoyed seeing everyones choice over these weeks.
The Medieval Festival must have been really fun. I would like to go to one sometime. You all do such wonderful fun things, as a family.
Grandma Lu