Wednesday, August 6, 2008

These are a Few of (Brennan's) Favorite Things!

Cathy: I'm asking (bugging) each member of the family to talk about some of their favorite things about our vacation on the blog. I snagged Brennan first. Here are some pictures, with his own quirky captions. This is part one, with part two soon. Enjoy! And give him feedback please. :)

Brennan: We got to go on a tour of San Francisco. Normal, right? Until we found out it was one of those ducky boats from WWII. (ed. note: it was a WWII amphibious vehicle) And they gave everyone on the boat these duck-billed things called Quackers, that we could blow at everybody. We made tons of duck noises with it. At the end, I felt as if I was some sort of duck.

I even got to drive the thing! And I only hit six boats (ed.note: he wanted to let people know that he's just kidding)
Ah! Giant jelly beans. As far as the eye can see!
(ed. note: our tour of the Jelly Belly Factory in California)

Here's a guy who can swallow his nose at Ripley's Believe it or Not. After this, my lips were hurting.

We kids loved the hotel pools!
The rodeo was one of my favorite things on the vacation. All the kids under 12 got to chase two calves with ribbons on their tails. If you caught them first, you won a prize. The first prize was some ride up a mountain. The second prize was a blizzard at dairy queen. Unfortunately, we didn't win.


teresa anthony said...

Hey Brennan,

Great memories and pictures. I loved the ducky boat quackers you are all wearing. Did all the adults get annoyed by the quacking by the end of the trip?

The Ripley's guy swallowing his nose is cool, in a weird kind of way. Loved the giant jelly beans - did they actually make any that big, or were those just plastic replicas of jelly beans?

The rodeo sounds awesome, and my kids agree with you - hotel pools are the best!

Thanks for your post.

Love, Aunt Teresa

Mary Kate said...

That is so cool! Your vacation sounded like a lot of fun! Guess you didn't like the biking trip though. Those jelly beans are awesome!
Thanks for sharing Brennen!
Love, Mary Kate

The Schultz Family said...

Teresa, my mostest-faithfulest blog commenter (hey, but everyone else can compete with her for that exalted title!)

Brennan loved your answering his blog posts. And to answer your question, the adults did NOT get annoyed by the quacking. Because we were enjoying quacking too. Actually the tour leader cleverly built lots of quacking opportunities right into his patter, i.e. "Now that we've seen Chinatown, let's give it a good quack!" Or, "See that interesting gentleman with the tattoes and the brass knuckles on that motorcycle over there? Let's give him a good quack, shall we?" Fortunately everyone we quacked at was pretty good-natured about it.

The Schultz Family said...

And Mary Kate! You've been a wonderfully faithful blog commentator too! Thank you soooooooo much!