Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some Forgotten Pictures from Annie (Part II)

This isn't funny, I just thought it was one of the nicest pictures we took, and I don't think it's on the blog yet. Assisi, watching the sun set, with a castle behind us, the town and wheat fields before us...and some great gelato in our near future. 

Even better than Brennan's "done" faces are Nate's... ...well, I invite you to add your own caption: ("I love to be meeeee!" face) ("highly caffinated" face) ("Calvin & Hobbes" face) ("I know something you don't know" face) ("Wait for it... Wait for it...") ("I have a squirrel in my pants") ("What would happen if I kissed the guy on my left?")
Nate has lots of selfies where he grabbed the nearest person and gave you .001 seconds to react before he snapped a picture.
Carcassonne was the best place to do a freeze-frame jump.
The type of photo you'd expect an expert to take, and for strangers to rip off the internet to make into their cellphone backgrounds. Dang, Nate, you look as good as a Christmas card.
Y'know how all llamas have that one smell, that one super musky, sweaty, pee-rotten type of smell? Well that's how my Carcassonne cheese tasted. I am not overplaying this, or just comparing it to something bad. I am saying that my cheese very literally tasted how llamas smell.   Of course, I had everyone try a bit.        And then Dad ate the rest of the cheese, because he's dad.
I don't even know what's happening. Mom might kill me for posting this.

Not only do these lovely pictures reflect our boredom while driving, but I'd like to call attention to the fact that while this was ongoing, we were in traffic for half an hour, in front of a Mount Blanc toll booth to go from Italy into France. We had several families in cars staring. Even funnier than Brennan, Nate and me is Bethany, who is just trying to remind us of her existence. Silly Bethany!
I'm not sure what the joke was here, but it looks like Mom's smiling and halfway through slapping Nate in the face.
Ok. Maybe I should stop looking at this in an embarrassing way, and wonder if this is how Brennan was always seeing all of us during this trip, and that's why he constantly pretended he didn't know us.
Dad just ate squid or something. Bethany looks uncertain.
In Florence, at the Leonardo Da Vinci museum, Nate and I decided to have some fun, and I drew Dad on the visitors book. When I come back, Someone drew a response! (below)
I dunno what it says, but they drew it staring at my picture, so I drew a new picture of Mom looking back saying "hi friend" and challenged their picture of Da Vinci by drawing Dad's hair long and turning him into another Da Vinci. I also crossed out him saying "boyscouts" and replaced it with "I hate Michelangelo."

Fun Times.

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