Saturday, June 14, 2014

More pictures of Carcassonne

Nate, Annie and Bethany check to see if the wind will carry them away. 

 Brennan likes to make his mom nervous.

Sitting by the walls of La Cite.

 Brennan tries a French cheese he's not fond of.

Annie and Bethany are wanting me to stop taking pictures and let them eat.


EwaBacon said...

How splendid! A for-real castle. I've never been there and am envious of your adventure--wind and all.

The Schultz Family said...

Hey Ewa! It was beautiful, especially with the sunsetting on the stone walls and red tile roofs. Friendly people, good food, a nice museum, wacky criss-cross roads, and a castle like out of Monty Python, built and re-built up from an old Roman site over the centuries. And likely based on something even older. I learned that monumental preservation was a 19C innovation to buttress...ta da: nationalism. The French claimed medieval architecture as "particularly French." So they invested in restoring dilapidated, abandoned ruins. Selecting Carcasonne is accidentally particularly apt for nationalistic celebration. It was on of the last Cathar strongholds, wiped out during the Crusades and incorporated into the French state. So...the site of ethnic cleansing for religion became memorialized to promote the rise of the all-time winner in ethnic cleansing, nationalism.