Thursday, July 24, 2008

Annie's Thoughts from San Francisco

Hey, Annie here. We got to California! Brennan, Nate and I celebrated by playing on the computer. (Just kidding.) Mom And Dad, (who you all know as Mark and Cathy) dragged our eyes off it for good on the way by hiding the computers somewhere at the hotel so we couldn't bring them with us. Oh well. The sights were pretty good today though. We went to a place called Muir Woods. The scenery was elegant, and the trees always brought something new. Like some unique bark, or nice formation. And then we got to something I hoped to see my whole life after a little poem-book picture of a giant tree that you could drive your car through. The Redwood forest! I was a teeny bit disappointed about that the trees weren't as wide as I thought, but the height was amazing!

Mom (Cathy. I'll keep saying this in case if you are used to Cathy and are getting confused. Giggle.) took some amazing shots with our camera. She gave it to me in the car, and I held it for a bit of the way. Then I gave it to her, and she held it for a bit. Then she gave it to me, and I gave it to her and so on and so forth. We both thought that the other would take better pictures or something. I don't know.

Anyhow, here's a good shot she took.

Ah, the golden gate bridge, how lovely, how elegant, so... short. Brennan Nate and I thought it would be longer then that. Pity. But it was still cool and unique. Quite red I say.

I bet you some of you know about this famous World War II graffiti. Well...We found Kilroy! You cannot hide from us, big nose! We shall always figure out your tricks!

The computer's bad at history. It said to me that Kilroy's not a word! Darn Computer. Be more smart! (That was fun. I always like being goofy on the internet. :)

We went on a little tour called Bay City Quackers. It was on a World War II amphibian vessel, one that can go on both land and sea. Pretty cool huh? The Tour guy (I don't know his name so I'll just use that.) was funny and joked a lot. Brennan got to drive the Bay City Quackers around in the water because the Tour Guy was letting volunteers drive. What a lucky guy. He was grinning from ear to ear when he came back and Mom (Cathy) took a lot of pictures of him.

Darn Computer again! It said that Quackers wasn't a word! Be more smart!...Again!

The last thing we saw, was the wild sea lions. The first thing Dad said about them was that they looked like big fat, dark logs sitting on the wood. That was probably the best description. They were lazing about sleeping and snoring, paying no attention the the seagulls who pecked away on their skin. Funny critters.

Anyhow, that wraps it up. Hope that you liked it. I had a great time writing to you,not to mention that it was night, way past my bedtime. Mom has been pestering me about what I'm writing, and about going to bed (I hope she doesn't read that.) and correcting my bad grammar, but it has been fun.




teresa anthony said...

Great post, Annie! I too, have always imagined all the redwoods as insanely wide and huge, so I'm glad you've prepared me ahead of time that while quite tall, they might not ALL be wide enough for 20 people to hold hands in a circle around. (That's the image I've carried around in my head since childhood.)

I have a question - are the sea lions dangerous? Or did you all just wisely keep your distance. They look rather large.

San Francisco sounds amazing. Keep on writing!


Aunt Teresa

Mary Kate said...

I love the post Annie! San Francisco sounds really cool! Thanks for all the pictures!
Love, Mary Kate

The Schultz Family said...

Quick note from Cathy: We were up on a pier looking down on the lazy sea lions floating on wooden rafts in the bay. the close-up is from the miracle of telephoto lens. :)

More later on your questions! Right now we head back to SF and we plan to bike over the Golden Gate bridge! Really!

Mary Kate said...

Wow sounds like fun!

our little brown life said...

Thanks for the post Annie- your writing is enjoyable. I LOVE that pic from under the trees.

Catherine Berg said...

Great pictures and I loved hearing from Annie!! I'm glad to hear you made it to CA and enjoying your amazing trip. What wonderful memories you all are creating. We love you!

Anonymous said...

are you going to Alcatraz? that was one of my favorite parts of the CA leg of my trip..
Annie, you're quite the writer!
I love the posts! All of you are doing a great job describing the trip (and making us all envious!)