Saturday, July 26, 2008

Annie's thoughts

Hey, Annie here again!

I hope Mom told you about the squirrels in Carmel. It all started when Brennan and Nate started throwing bread to the seagulls and little black birds. Quickly the place was swarming with birds and even a crow. Birds can get so annoying when it comes to food.

Then this giant, fat squirrel came scrambling up the root of the tree we were sitting on. It reminded us of the crazily brave squirrel we had at home who we all called, Achilles. (He stole our moldy peanuts, and would venture very close to us in search of food. He would even steal from the birdfeeder.) Anyway, the squirrel started eating the peices of bread from the sandwiches we tossed at it. Then another came, and another, and so on.

At last, Dad cried out that one of them had got so adventurous, it sat in his lap to eat. Then some more copied the idea for food and sat on us as well. Sometimes two at a time would sit on my lap. Once even three! Then I got the idea of them eating from my hand. It worked! They pressed their tiny claws against my fingers and started eating! They had a firm grip and at least a couple times they pulled the bread from my fingers. Three times they tried to nibble from my sandwich, so I had to scold them and tell them that only I could pick up the bread and give it to them. It was mine after all. Crazy squirrels. One even climbed into Mom's lap and tried to drink from the beer bottle she was holding!

Once one nibbled my thumb a bit trying to get at my sandwich. It was tiny, but it got through the skin so my Dad had to put some antibiotic on it.

At last, after a bit, they started to get... annoying. So we stopped giving them bread and the squirrels gradually left us. Brennan and Nate had a great time chasing away the seagulls, the one crow, and the little black birds.

The waves were amazing too, but it was those squirrels that we will remember forever. *sighs dreamily* When we can get the laptop working again, we'll give you the pictures we took of the squirrels and the ocean. You will love them. :)




teresa anthony said...


Awesome post! When I was seventeen there was a time I was lying on the ground in a park and started to realize that three or four squirrels were approaching me in short little spurts, staring at me the whole time. They eventually ended up only a foot or so away and the idea popped in my head that they were preparing for an ambush or attack. I freaked myself out so much I jumped up yelling and not only scared the squirrels but a little old lady sitting on a bench a few feet away.

It was a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your cool squirrel memories. I can't wait for the pictures.

Love, Aunt Teresa

The Schultz Family said...

What an hysterical story!!! Annie and I couldn't stop giggling with the image of you terrifying yourself with the idea of a Great Squirrel Attack.

We hope this doesn't add to your embarrasment. :)

The Schultz Family said...

Just to clarify, the last comment was from Cathy and Annie, in response to Teresa's comment. :)