Wednesday, July 30, 2008

85 miles from Yellowstone

We woke up this morning in California's Central Valley, and are hitting our beds in central Idaho. In between we experienced:

- The Mojave desert (we now know what 115 degrees feels like)

- A 25-minute detour off Interstate 15 to see the Las Vegas Strip (One wacky town. The pic below is of the Faux French casino, complete with mini-Eiffel Tower)

- A 30-mile slice of northwest Arizona, and though it is some 100 miles west of the actual Grand Canyon, looked awfully Grand Canyon-ish to me. Two Pics below)

Mark and I are just crazy enough that we briefly entertained the notion of somehow including a quick look at the real Grand Canyon in our long driving day today. Brennan knocked some sense into us. "We need something to look forward to on our next road trip," he sensibly remarked.


teresa anthony said...

You DID NOT drive all the way to Twin Falls, Idaho???!!!! You ARE INSANE! I was talking to you at around 5 at night (granted it was Eastern time), and you were like 650 miles or more away. And that was BEFORE your 15 minute "detour" to Las Vegas.

I grovel on the ground before you as the true nonpareil car trippers.

And Brennan - way to go. If Grandad had heard that remark, he would have said, "how'd you get so much wisdom, Brennan?"

Love you all - get some sleep.

P.S. I'm filling in on Mary Kate's blog as a guest blogger. Only one post so far, but more coming.

The Schultz Family said...

Not QUITE Twin Falls; it's Rexburg, ID. :) And we got here at 1:15 our time (though we had passed into Mountain Time, so, granted, it was 2:15 local time.)

Thank God for Utah's 75mph zone! (and not a whole lot of cars) Mark could cruise at 80 mph for about 400 miles.

Off to Yellowstone!


Catherine Berg said...

You guys are truly amazing!! I cant get over all that you are experiencing. How fun!!!
Love you guys

Ben Simo said...

Wow. Isn't that about a 1000 mile drive?

I've toyed with silly ideas that the Grand Canyon was a short detour from Las Vegas or Southwest Colorado -- my wife and children have set me sane each time. Brennan is a wise boy.

We no longer try to do those all day drives. In our younger years, we did non-stop drives like that. As the children got older, it became harder. Now I think the children last longer riding in the car than we parents.

Now I tend to make stops and see the sights we used to fly by on the Interstate.