Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yellowstone, Rodeos, and yet another wildfire

Wyoming has redeemed itself. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the southern section that I-80 bisects, but northern-western Wyoming, with Yellowstone? Spectacular. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Besides the gorgeous views, Yellowstone also has the geysers. We saw Old Faithful of course (and very luckily arrived just five minutes before she blew) but our favorite was the section where you can walk out on board walks and watch the bubbling hot springs. Annie was in charge of the camera and took some fabulous pictures.

We finished the day attending the "World Famous Cody Nite Rodeo" (yes, they spell it that way.) Cute, a bit hokey, but it had enough real rodeo things (barrel racing, bull riding, bronco riding, calf roping, bulldogging) to be authentically Western. The kids loved it.

We also came close to yet another wildfire! This one was near Yellowstone, about 20 miles north of the road we took out of the park. There was no danger on our road, but the orange and yellow smoke clouds looming to our north were amazing.

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