Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sequoias: the REALLY big trees!

We're off to Rexburg, Idaho today, which is near Yellowstone, so we have a long day of driving ahead of us. But I needed to post a few pics (no time for commentary) of our time in Sequoia National Park, where we saw the biggest trees in the world! The last picture is of a wild mule deer we saw near our car. But our biggest wildlife excitement was from seeing a young bear scamper across the road ahead of us! (Don't worry, we were safely in our car.) We didn't snap a picture, but it was quite cool.


Catherine Berg said...

What amazing pictures and what an incredible trip!!!! I am so happy for you guys. I am also very sad that we wont be able to see you guys when you are in this neck of the woods. Hopefully we can see you guys soon. We miss you and we mid-westerners have to stick together!!! Have a wonderful rest of your trip.
Love you so much,

teresa anthony said...

Wow! The first picture is the best. It looks like if Annie, Brennan and Nate aren't careful, if they perhaps make a joke about campfires or paper, or worse....mulch, that the tree behind then will simply step forward and squash them into jelly!