Sunday, July 27, 2008

Annie's Thoughts

Hey! Annie here! We Have Pictures! Yaaayyyy!!!! *giant applause sounding from nowhere* (Please ignore that. I am being goofy....again.)

We are waiting for Mom to get back to the hotel. If she doesn't show up in another hour, start finding her picture and put it on milk cartons!

(Narrator is now Cathy: yes, I got back from my trip to Barnes and Noble, and yes, I got lost in Fresno trying to find it. I went to get a couple of books on California, and while there also bought Annie a brand new Warriors book.When I finally walked into the hotel room, she took one look at the new book, yelped, and dived into it. So I'll post the pictures she wanted to post, and let her comment on them later. :)

Here's Annie at the beach in Carmel, feeding a wild squirrel by hand.

And here's the fatter squirrel climbing into Mark's lap, which startled him a bit.

We thought you'd enjoy this sign we saw at a park near Napa Valley. But never fear; we Schultzes laugh at danger! (Not really. As soon as I saw this I was ready to march back to the car. Mark, my Boy Scout hubby, persuaded us it was safe to go on.)

Here we are pretending to get drunk on a tour of a winery. We really were just pretending. Honest!

Here's Annie standing by the Carmel mission. Beautiful church, beautiful girl. :)

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