Monday, July 7, 2008

More cute pics from Pennsylvania

Pictures from Dutch Wonderland on a brilliant June morning.

Amusement parks are much more fun when you have cousins to share them with!

The Schultz crew took turns fawning over Benny. We couldn't get enough of the little guy!

A quick aside to all McDonnell family members reading this post: I need pictures from the family reunion at Sandy Cove. My batteries had died, so I didn't get any. Send some! Pretty please?


Catherine Berg said...

How fun!!! I love the pictures of the family!! Everyone is looking so grown up! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful summer. I will look forward to following your adventures "out West" on your blog, and hopefully we will see you guys in MN!
Love you,

our little brown life said...

It was a tremendous blessing that you guys took the time to stop by our house in Old Town Alexandria. Now you'll have to plan ahead for next year's adventures...plenty of time in the capital- and I'll promise to cook alot of scrumptious food. Looks like DW was fun. I can't wait to plan a trip there for my kids sometime soon.
Love you all!