Sunday, July 27, 2008

Schultz Cove

Just a quick little post for tonight, though without pictures. (We'll be able to use our laptop tomorrow night and will start posting our pics again.) After our vineyard tour and wine tasting today (yum!) , we went over to the coast, near a place where harbor seals were said to hang out. We never found the seals, but we did find a hidden cove that we christened Schultz Cove. Huge rocks, crashing waves, a cliff to our back, and just the five of us on a narrow little slip of a beach. Magic.

We're off to the Sequoias tomorrow, and will try to see some of Yosemite too if possible. Fun!

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teresa anthony said...

Oh yeah, I'm so glad you're going to see the Sequoias. Now you'll get your super wide trees, Annie!

Schultz Cove sounds heavenly, although if I were you I would have looked around for a bit for the hidden entrance to Voldemort's cave.

And doesn't Yosemite have huge waterfalls?

Wow, I think I'm getting jealous.

Take lots and lots of pictures!

Love, Teresa