Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you Elena and David Heil!

Elena and David hosted us for two days, while we roamed around wine country and northern California. They opened their home, gave us comfy beds, and treated us to a delicious brunch this morning before we left for the Sequoias farther south (we're in Fresno tonight.) They added a warm and personal touch to our California wanderings. Thank you, Heils!


mheil said...

We must say, we're very impressed. From Sandy Cove to 1529 Chablis Circle in the span of a month - 2,861 miles away... and you guys drove every mile. Most impressive road-tripping family ever.

So glad our families could spend time together - and that you guys got to enjoy one of Dave's Famous Sunday Brunch History Lectures.

our little brown life said...

Schultz Family- I can't believe you beat us to Heil's house. We really look forward to visiting some day. Thanks for all the updates,

Lorrie and Fred said...

Well done Schultz Family! We're just a little jealous that we have not been able to visit the Heil Family in St Helena and catch one of Dave's Sunday Brunch lectures. Thank goodness for vicarious travels!