Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Calvin

For those of you Calvin and Hobbes fans, we present...
Nate, our very own Calvin.

Here's the real Calvin, (with his tiger Hobbes.) See the resemblance?

If you're unfamiliar with Calvin and Hobbes, drop EVERYTHING
and run out and read some now!


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're here! blogging is great! i had seen you posting on the girls' websites and was hoping you'd catch the bug :)
Now, i'm sure i'm not the only one to say this, but your Annie is the spitting image of the Theresa (Terry!) i used to play with!!!!! I kept having to do double takes!!!
Can't wait to keep up with your you just have to get some biographical info on there for those of us who don't know: ages, interests of the kids and job updates on you and Mark!!!

teresa anthony said...

Cathy is 100% correct - Calvin and Hobbes are absolute MUST READS for all adults and kids over 6 (although Mary Kate didn't start appreciating the humor until this past year, at 12. Before, she would read a few pages and say, "I don't get what you think is so funny about this." But we persevered, and now she is a fan, too.)

And Nate is doing a fantastic Calvin resemblance.

... and Jaye, it's funny you mentioned a resemblance between Annie and myself. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before, nor has it ever crossed my mind, but you are now the second person in a month to have observed a resemblance. A few weeks ago at our McDonnell family reunion at Sandy Cove in Maryland, Katie McDonnell (Pat's wife)came up to me after greeting Annie and said that she took one look at Annie and had a complete flash back to the past. She thought Annie was a spitting image of my 11 year old self.

I was never that beautifully tall, though! :) Annie is a stunning 5'4" already.

And while I know this is Cathy's blog, Jaye, do you have a blog with pictures of Sharon and you and your husband?