Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hanging out with cousin Zachary in Georgia

Brennan and Nate love spending time with Zachary, and this June they got to go camping, swimming, and to a few days of vacation Bible school together. (They really enjoyed the last, though their first reaction was: "School?! We have to go to school in the summer?!")

Brennan's hat suggests he's auditioning to be the next Crocodile Hunter.

Nate gets "drunk" on lemonade. Brennan, where's your shirt?!

Grandpa Don dishes out a gourmet meal of hotdogs

A water slide, courtesy of God.


our little brown life said...

That looks like some good country fun...especially the natural water slide. Glad you're road trip is progressing safely!

Green Family said...

Dear Schultz family,
I'm famous!!!! Thank you for posting photos with me in it!!
PS Annie: Why not put in a plug for your "Attack of the Eagle" book on this blog?

Green Family said...

Hi, Mark, Cathy, Annie, Brennan and Nate!
Well, we finally are official Google blog members, and can send ya'll comments. (Yes, we are a little late on this!)
We love following your photo-enhansed travel! What fun!