Monday, July 28, 2008

Annie's Thoughts (I'm back!)

Annie here again! This is going to be short. I hope. Here's another squirrel picture Mom left out. It's pretty good.
I think that Mom and Dad's favorite memory so far has been the wine place that I can't remember the name. Just another monastery. (I hope I spelled that right.) They loved it there and got a whole bunch of stuff. Look at the pictures below and you'll see why.

Here's Mom happily drinking from a barrel. (not really)

And here's Dad joyfully showing us all the barrels of wine he won. (not really)

And the hidden cove we went to that Mom told you all about, brought out Mom's inner photographer . She was amazing! Just look at this!

Wow. What a Mom. There was many others she took, that I hope Mom will show you later on.
I still can't believe her.

But that just about wraps it all up! Mom will write tomorrow!

. . . .

Oh and we found this cracker box at a shop called "Annie's cheddar bunnies" Here's a picture of Annie, holding Annie's.

Hee hee. Bye!



teresa anthony said...

Hope you bought Annie's Cheddar Bunnies. Were they yummy?

And you're right, Annie, your mom is a fantastic artist in many mediums, as well as photography. When I was growing up we had picture done in pastels by your mom in our dining room. It was really pretty and quite good, artistically speaking. I always thought it was so neat that Cathy had drawn it (...painted it? what do you say when it's done in pastels? - pasteled it?)

Love all the pictures!

Love, Aunt Teresa

our little brown life said...

Love the pics!
Jealous Cal