Monday, July 28, 2008

Schultz Cove - now with pictures!

Here are some pictures from the gorgeous hidden cove we found on the coast yesterday, near where the Russian River flows into the Pacific, about 60 miles north of San Francisco.

The only tricky thing was that it was waaaaay at the bottom of a cliff .

Here's the cliff from the beach. See the three small dots at the very tip top? The middle dot is our red minivan.

So how did we get down, you ask? Via this narrow path (below) that at some spots bordered a sheer drop down to sharp rocks, and which put me into full Mom-freak-out mode. It's a good thing the kids have Mark. Otherwise they would never do anything remotely adventurous.


teresa anthony said...

Yep Cathy, once again proving that "Moms are a plot problem."

But all in all, it's probably a good thing - people tend to live longer because of moms/wives offering a good dose of practical caution in their lives. (Of course in my case it's Scott, the husband/dad who brings some well needed prudence and common sense to our family. :)

So kudos to both of you for getting down to the amazing Schultz cove at all thanks to Mark, but staying alive while doing it thanks to Cathy! :)

Oh, and I should mention that my one and only encounter with a rattle snake was in New Mexico while hiking with Dad and Gail at some old hotel ruins in the mountains. My reaction... I got within four feet of it to take a cool picture!! Probably not very prudent, but then I was a mere baby back then, only 20.

teresa anthony said...

Scott wants to point out concerning the above comment I made about the rattlesnake encounter, that he wasn't there, hence proving the point about the prudent parent being a plot problem.

(Whoa, I like my alliteration :)

Lorrie and Fred said...

Breathtaking!! Glad you experienced all that beauty unscathed!!