Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anyone want to lend me $5,000,000?

Anyone? Anyone? I was hoping to use it to buy a beachfront home in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I'd let everyone come and stay there with us. Promise!

We drove down the coast a bit from San Francisco, and spent the afternoon at Carmel. If you're a golfing fan, you might know it because it's right by the world-famous Pebble Beach. If you're a People magazine fan (Cathy raises her hand) you might know it as the town where Clint Eastwood used to be mayor. Either way, it's gorgeous. We bought bread and cheese and fruit and walked down to the beach, where we sat on some driftwood to eat our lunch. The seagulls quickly came over to beg some bread. Then some squirrels wandered by, and actually started feeding from our hands. Then they started climbing in our laps for food. I'm serious! One squirrel was quite obese, so I'm sure he's figured out that begging from the humans is the way to live well.

After lunch, the kids frolicked in the freezing cold waves, along with other hardy kids. (Mark and I got our toes wet, then we wimped out) Now, the Schultz kids can say they swam in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans--in the same summer!

We also made a stop at the beautiful Carmel Mission, established by Juniperro Serra in the 1770s (pic below) before heading back up north. We're staying tonight with the Heils, Matt's parents, who are incredibly generous and hospitable, and insisted we stay at their place. They live in St. Helena, in the Napa Valley, and tomorrow we plan to do a wine tasting tour. If we taste too much wine, we've told Annie she'll have to drive us back here.

The pictures I'm including here are generic internet pics (I'm using the Heil's computer, and don't have any way to upload my pictures on it.) but I'll try to include some personal pics tomorrow, especially of the greedy squirrels!


Catherine Berg said...

How dramatic and beautiful is the est coast?! In 2005, Tom, baby Frederick, and I took a trip to Sacramento to visit his brother, drove through San Fran, then traveled down the coastal highway, hiked on those cliffs, and greatly enjoyeed visting the Mission too. Your pictures bring back wonderful memories, and I remember having the same thoughts... why do we live in the midwest?? Can we please just move here... I do love the midwest, but the beauty of California is captivating. I am so gald you guys are having a wonderful trip.
Love you, Cath

our little brown life said...

Ignorance is indeed bliss when it comes to the West Coast- since I haven't really ever enjoyed it, I don't know what I'm missing out on. But when that terrible day comes when I do lay my eyes on the landscape, smell & feel the air and taste the wine, Luis is going to roll his eyes and wish he never brought me there- because I will be dreaming about living there from that moment on! This is what happened on our honeymoon. I literally spent much of my mental energy trying to devise a plan of how we could settle in the Amalfi coast of Italy. Oh well, I've given up somewhat on my dreaming habit. Please send a hello out to the Heils for us and enjoy that Napa wine!
cal & co.

teresa anthony said...

Cathy, Cathy,

You forgot another important cultural reason to know the location of Carmel-by-the-Sea: the 1960's Hailey Mills version of "The Parent Trap". That was where Susan and her dad lived.

And I am drooling a bit on the keys just imagining the beauty. I've heard mom and dad talk about their one (I think it was only one) time of driving on the PCH. Doesn't that go through Carmel?

A question for you - I've always pictured the rugged beauty of the Northern California coastline as being similar to Japan's coastline - cliffs overlooking the ocean. Is my mental picture accurate?

I have amazing memories of spending hours and hours on the cliffside overlook above your little town of Taro on the Pacific coast. I read many awesome books on those overlook benches (while enjoying pounds of Japanese chocolate) - all in all, a pretty fabulous way to spend the summer of my 13th year.

Keep the posts coming!

Love, Teresa