Monday, July 14, 2008

The Open Road

This Thursday morning we pack up the kids, the snacks, and the books-on-tape into our trusty Kia minivan and head due west, for a two-week road trip that will wind through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California, then back through Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota. This will all be new, not just to the kids but to me. I've never seen the Rockies before, never seen Yellowstone, or Mt. Rushmore. I've never seen the Redwoods or San Francisco.

I've wanted to do a trip like this ever since I was a kid. My brother Jim may not remember this, but when I was about fifteen, I was hugely excited when Jim talked about doing a road trip on his motorcycle, and hinted that he might be open to taking me with him. How cool! Unfortunately it never panned out. Either Jim lost interest, or else Mom and Dad refused to entertain the idea of their fifteen year old daughter off on a motorcycle adventure; I can't remember which.

But now, some thirty years later I'm finally doing it! With a minivan, however, rather than a motorcycle. But Jim, I'll think fondly of you whenever a motorcycle whizzes by us on the open road.


Anonymous said...

have fun!!! I did my cross-country drive about 10 years ago (yikes! where did the time go?) was AWESOME. i've traveled a lot but that was a trip i'll never forget and could never duplicate! ENJOY! Those Dakotas are incredible...

teresa anthony said...


Do you remember getting ME excited about a cross country trip when I was about 15? Except our plans weren't for a motorcycle or minivan. We planned on crossing the country by bike!

Ooohhh, I'm so excited for all of you. I was very blessed in high school to have been given the opportunity to travel first to Japan (with you, Cathy), then to Honduras with Mom and Mary Ann to see Pat and Katie, and finally on a school trip to Europe (the WORST way to travel EVER!!!!!!! I was in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery and cities I could imagine and I was surrounded by drunk or hung over high school classmates.) The result of the misery of the European trip though, is that I came back and realized that what I REALLY wanted to do, was travel all over the U.S., particularly all the places you are heading to.

So take TONS of pictures, and I'll have to settle for living vicariously through my big sister. ... For now.

Love you. Have fun. Be safe.
And as Dad use to say: work work work. Play play play. Pray pray pray. Except skip the work part and just play and pray your way across this amazing country.

Love, Teresa

teresa anthony said...

P.S. What will happen to poor Lucky while your gone?

The Schultz Family said...

Wow, a bicycle trip? What we were thinking?! It sounds like one of my patented crazy ideas that I get obsessed over for about a week and a half, only to be replaced by the next crazy idea.

Speaking of crazy ideas, next summer let's all pile into the Anthony's huge van and redo this trip. I'm up for it!

Lorrie and Fred said...

Looking forward to your postings about your trip! When I was Nate's age we made a cross country trip and it was memorable.. I remember being disappointed that the Golden Gate bridge wasn't golden, but a rust brown. I was horrified!! But San Francisco was very scenic otherwise. The kids will have some fun memories! Love, Lorrie